postheadericon Values of SOLVE Nepal

Our core values are

Organizational perspective:

  • We devoted ourselves for positive development change and Peace Building, where we stand
  • We work for the better livelihood of poorest community
  • We remain our development intervention for those women excluded from the opportunity
  • We committed to support and reconstruct the sufferer and conflict affected people

Service delivery perspective

  • We maintain with conscious the political neutrality
  • We are accountable to the targeted beneficiary group and funders
  • We apply the participatory approach in all level
  • We maintain the transparency of fund management, activities for maximum return to the beneficiaries
  • We honor to local tradition and culture for better promotion, identification and replication best practices
  • We continue our effort for keeping gender balances in organization as well as in community
  • We believe in equal development based on equity
  • We focus on the sustainability retaining good practices

Public relation perspective

  • We share the fact came from the programme for synergetic effect on our efficiency
  • We appeal and work together with the stakeholders achieving objective with common goals
  • We share from different means about the gains and pains of precious learning

Nation building perspective

  • We trust the Capacity building of volunteers contributes to achieve goals as nation's treasure
  • We make innovative effort on poverty alleviation through generating local employment
  • We continue effort on Peace Building and development as nation building process