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An exemple of a single woman

Sarswati Gurung has presented herself as a successful and model entrepreneur, who in the past had routine life of carrying the fodder from nearby forest for feeding the animals, milking the cows and traveling to Pakhribas village for its sale. Gurung is youngest daughter among the nine and was married to a man from the same village, though she was physically immature. Gurung’s bad days starts after she gave birth to second daughter. Gurung’s husband lost his tolerance of having second daughter as he was a man of old tradition and convictions. He accused Gurung of being a bad woman and threw her out of the house with recently born small daughter on her lap.

Sarswati was a self-motivated woman and thought that she needs to something for future of her children. It was a coincidence that she could participate in seven days training organized by SOLVE in 2007 entitled as "Utilization of Locally Available Unused Resources, Materials and Entrepreneurship" The training opened the door for Gurung to undertake an enterprise on pickle, Aegle ( Bela) squash, Amala and gingers candy making. Due to her firm labor, she established herself as a model entrepreneur in the village in short span of time. She is now financially strong and sustained. People in the village recognize her as model entrepreneur of the village and source of inspirations for other women who are following her path.