postheadericonStaff capacity and well being

SOLVE-Nepal's activities are dependent on our skilled, motivated and sufficiently numerous personnel. We want to ensure that our staff enjoy working together for SOLVE-Nepal and achieving it's vision statement. A continue process of staff capacity building will be concentrate to achieve the above mention vision, mission and outcomes in qualitative and quantitative with proper utilization of outputs. The Human Resource development is one of the key areas will be established within the organization. A continue need assessment and team building approaches with using appreciative inquiry is the basis to grow and sustain the organization in a longer term.


The current resources of SOLVE-Nepal are dedicated for the benefit of poor, women, dalits and marginalized people. The all infrastructure and future support from donors and self initiation generated funds will be used rightly for the benefit of poor people livelihood uplift and nation building. We welcome to all development associates, practitioner and technical partners to contribute for the specific results as stated in above thematic areas of strategies of SOLVE-Nepal. A resource centre will be established till 2015 to start services for sharing forums, interactions in local development, find more innovations to create campaign for effective and positive development intervention for change.

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Organiation chart of SOLVE Nepal