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SOLVE-Nepal based on it's organizational policies as reviewed time to time is the basis to operate organizational activities. SOLVE-Nepal also prepared and started the guidelines of gender Strategy to achieve it's objectives forming a separate committee Gender Mainstreaming Action Committee ( GMAC). The formulation of code of conduct during conflict period is still valid and works effectively, the follow up mechanism will be established.The organization is making more strong in the sector of representation from beneficiaries level in the board of SOLVE-Nepal, so that the community representatives will have an opportunity to participate in the decision making process and take ownership of organization

Approaches of operations

The approaches and mechanism with proper reviewing will be continued as per effectiveness like

  1. Direct operation approach with the identification of proper users and end beneficiaries.
  2. Alliances with the local CBOs to make sustainable development results with more accountability.
  3. The consortium approaches for better operation also be used depending upon the thematic issues.
  4. Expansion of local, regional, national and international networking to accessing information and sources.

Programme Monitoring and Evaluations

An effective mechanism of programme monitoring and evaluation will be established in SOLVE-Nepal to add values in the development intervention through the cooperation of development partners. A guidelines and review system is a process to enable through thematic 'Quarterly Coordinator's Strategic Meeting' (QCSM), multi stakeholders meeting and periodical review organizing in a systematic way with proper documentation based on every outputs, utilization of outputs and outcomes.