postheadericon SOLVE-Nepal in Environment Management and Climate Change

Enviroment Protection

SOLVE-Nepal is involved since the very beginning of it’s activities in environment sector. There are many instances of managing environment making people aware in environment degradation and technology they can develop and adapt by them self. There are activities taken by making them participating in their project implementation and self regulated rules and regulations. It has changes the livelihood of huge population of Dhankuta district. The forest management sector has been taken widely supporting management skills to the Community Forest Users’ Groups of the district.

Climate change initiation taken by SOLVE- Nepal:

  • Workshop on Climate change TOT to the participants of district forest office, FECOFUN and SOLVE-Nepal.
  • Awareness programme in community groups to prepare group level planning on climate change issues.
  • Preparation of community based adaptation plan
  • Mapping of risk assessment of village and community forest level

Action taken:

  • Source protection
  • Well rehabilitation and reconstruction
  • Nursery establishment and plantation in risk identified areas with fire attention points
  • Well construction within the community forest with a view to protect forest from firing
  • Introducing bamboo and other plants to protect the landslide
  • Distribution of water tank for collection of rain water
  • Introducing off season vegetables prioritizing the poor family