postheadericonThe basis for SOLVE-Nepal's development intervention and it's Rationale

SOLVE-Nepal was established in 1989 based on the volunteer concept of an active youth, who recognized the need for a local non-governmental, non-political and not–for-profit organization in Dhankuta district, Nepal. Dhankuta as the centre of the Eastern Development Region of the country has seen many development activities going on in it. However, in the due course of their planning and execution, it became clear that those activities were not fulfilling the needs and aspirations of the local people as much as they should be expected to have fulfilled. The failure to meet those ends is believed to have resulted primarily from the development approaches and strategies not always matching the local geographical, social, economic, political and cultural circumstances. Similar kinds of situation exist in almost all parts of the country.

With consideration of the above facts, SOLVE was registered as a district-level non-governmental organization (NGO) on 26 October 1989, with the conviction that it could be a catalyst of development activities for the purpose of alleviating poverty among the various underprivileged communities of the country, in line with the prime objective of the National Planning Commission.

The changed context of Nepal after establishing the peoples federal democratic republic, the development needs and expectations raised so high that it is became impossible to create the feeling of state attendance in communities. The breakthrough of NGO's intervention from traditional concept to wide range of development intervention is seriously realized. The major role of governance sector and reform in development and social accountability issues among the development actors are mile stones to meet the people's aspiration. The continuous interactions with the target beneficiaries, policy makers and the development actors provided a meaningful suggestion to make efficient delivery of service to people. SOLVE-Nepal as a development practitioner has identified some of need, value and issues based to fulfill Basic, Practical and strategic needs take turn the Nepalese society in the days to come. We are highly committed to make positive change, proving equally the Rationale of SOLVE-Nepal for pioneering development innovations through open community laboratory.

postheadericonOur Vision

“SOLVE envisions Nepalese communities which are equitable and capable of meeting their basic needs with their own resources”.

postheadericonOur Mission

“SOLVE works with groups to empower people and encourage capacity growth in communities”.

postheadericonCommitment and challenges

A high level committed people's consortium within the organization is formed to drive the organization into said direction. It is our strong belief that to achieve a high level goals there are innumerous effort and zeal needs, we will generate those resources from the bottom of a human resources first, who will able to utilize the results of our development efforts since it's establishment in 1989 ( 2046 BS) making past achievements as coral reef foundation- making community a centre for DEVELOPMENT and LABORATORY for the possible replication and innovations in the country and abroad.